John Ferdinand

Position – Co – Owner
High School – Archbishop Ryan
College – Temple University
Degree – Business Administration

John is known for his mix of high-energy MC work with the compassion and love for music. John always has his heart in the right place and after you have had one phone conversation with him you will see what I mean. His motto “always looking out for the other person,” is always visible at every DJ outing when clients are made to feel completely at home with his work ethic. John is the co-founder of ACE DJ Entertainment and is a graduate of Archbishop Ryan High School.

"What matters most is how you see yourself"

Anthony Turco

Position – Co – Owner
High School – Archbishop Ryan
College – Temple University
Degree – Finance and Entrepreneurship

Anthony is known for his unrelenting passion for music, and his ability to pick the best song at the right time to achieve an aura of excitement throughout the room. His quick wit, humor, love for life, and music make him a pleasure to work with, and even more a of a pleasure to have behind the CD players. His motto, “Live life to the fullest,” Is evident as he performs every job like it is his last. Anthony is Co-founder of ACE DJ Entertainment and is a graduate of Archbishop Ryan High School.

"Don’t let the little problems in life stop you from your big dreams"

DJ Nicco Suave

Position – LEAD DJ
High School – William Tennent
College – Bucks County Comm College
Degree – Entrepreneurship

Nicco has been one of the longest tenured DJs with ACE DJ Entertainment. He is a True asset both behind the booth with his excellent music knowledge and in front of the booth with his unique DJ style to get everyone having fun. With DJ Nicco at the helm one is sure in for a very entertaining night! "

Michael Herrmann

Position – DJ
College – Art Institute of Ft Lauderdale

Best DJ Moment - Winning South Florida’s best mobile DJ for 1997 Djing professionally since I was 18.
Favorite thing about being a DJ: I think this is probably uniform for all Djs but I love playing music and making people forget about their troubles for a little while, controlling the dance floor as well.

"What matters most is how you see yourself"

Albert Sica

A Member of Ace DJ Entertainment Since 2010

Position – DJ and New Product Development
High School – Bensalem High School

Albert is known for his bright personality and love for his job. Albert has worked for us for the past two years and has grown into a true performer. His dedication to this job is seen in every job he takes on. He is not just there to be your DJ but to make sure your party is one to remember from beginning to end. Albert is a DJ for ACE DJ Entertainment and is a graduate of Bristol Junior Senior High.

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.”

Don Lafferty

Position – DJ and Business Development High School – Archbisop Ryan College – Rider University Degree – Business Administration

Don is the perfect mix of calm and energetic. After helping found Ace DJ in high school, he took a break from DJing in college, but is now back and ready to get your party started! Don is the DJ who listens to all of the clients' needs while also using his own experience to make your party perfect!

"Living is easy with eyes closed, misunderstanding all you see..."
- John Lennon

Nick Ferdinand

Position – DJ and Photo Bomb Tech
High School – Archbishop Ryan
College – University Of Delaware
Degree – Business Administration

I have been involved with Ace Dj entertainment since 2006. I have been fortunate enough to be around in the early days of Ace DJ and because of that I have learned everything I know. That experience was crucial for my development as a DJ and there was no one better to learn under then DJ's John and Anthony.

Ahmed Naji

Age: 20 School: Temple University majoring in Finance

DJ Experience: Almost three years. Strong passion for music and sound equipment lead me to become a DJ. Favorite thing about being a DJ: Watching the crowd dance, and the smile on people's faces when a song they love comes on.

Best DJ Moment: When I was playing 'Fireball' by Pitbull, had the crowd singing along to it, to the point where I can mute everything, and you can hear the crowd shout 'fireball'.

Anything else about me? I love music from all the different decades starting from the late 40s all the way to some of the latest ones released, some of my favorite acts include Elvis Presley, Michael Jackson, and Billy Joel. Currently learning to play the guitar.

Anthony Carter

Position – DJ High School – Archbishop Ryan College – Widener University Degree – Computer Sciences

Anthony has a special way with a crowd. He is able to form a special bond with even the most diverse crowd. He is often known for taking care of the little things well, which turn his performance into one big thing done extremely well.

Ryan Hanf

Position – DJ and Lighting Supervisor
High School – Bensalem High School
College – Philadelphia University
Degree – Construction Management

Ryan was born and raised into the industry. His knowledge and passion put into every occasion speaks for itself. Ryan does not perform for himself; he always makes the client his number one priority. His motto, “I’d rather die trying than live a coward” is lucid when you feel the energy he brings to light. Ryan is one of Ace’s many bright DJ’s, and is honored to be a part of a team this great.

“There are only bad moments in life, never a bad day.”

Ross Pizzi

Position – DJ
High School – Bensalem High School
College – Rutgers University Graduate
Degree – Bachelors in Exercise Science and Kinesiology

Ross tends to bring an up-beat and joyous energy to the table which is fueled by his passion for music of all generations and genres. He has a very driven work ethic which is evident through his ability to captivate and direct an audience. His motto, "progression is endless" directly represents his unrelenting efforts to grow and learn in all aspects of life.

"Absorb what is useful, discard what is not, add what is uniquely your own"

Jessica Ferdinand

Position Photo Booth Organizer High School – Archbishop Ryan

Shannon Laferty

Position Photo Booth And Photo Bomb Tech
High School – Archbishop Ryan Shannon is yet another stellar addition to the Ace DJ Entertainment Photo Booth Family.

Matthew Balcer

– Photo Booth Tech High school - Archbishop Ryan College - Chestnut Hill Academy Matt loves to play golf on his free time, in between school and working Photo Booth with Ace DJ Entertainment.

Taylor Hughes

Highschool- Conwell-Egan College- Bucks County Community College Degree studying- Early Childhood Education